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So far, you’ve rendered single still images. For your animation, you will be rendering a series of still images (your frames) to create your video file.

To change your render settings, click on the Rendering menu and click Render Setup (or press F10, or the button with the teapot and the menu.



For previous renders, the Time Output was set to “Single.”

To render your entire animation, select “Active Time Segment.”

If you wish to do test renders to see how things are looking but do not want to wait hours to render your entire animation, you can choose the “Range” option and select a group of frames (enter start and end frames). OR, choose Active Time Segment and then change the number where it says Every Nth Frame. Here you can tell it to render every 5th frame or every 1oth, instead of every single frame.


Ask your instructor about the recommended “Output Size” to render your animation. General rule is to render as large as you can while still being able to render within a few hours. Render time will vary depending on the complexity of your lighting, geometry, and materials. 640×480 is a safe size to start with. You may be able to go up to 800×600, or may have to reduce to 320×480, depending on the complexity of your animation.


Save your file as an .AVI file. It is recommended that you render to the computer’s hard drive (local disk C:), as opposed to the network VPA drive. After rendering to the local disk, you can move your final render (.avi) to your class folder. Remember to make back ups.



The default render may come up as Mental Ray Renderer. Change your renderers to Default Scanline Renderer.


Remember, it may take two or more hours to render your animation.
Happy Rendering!


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