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106 is now moving on to the assignment called Thinking Inside the Box. This problem lets you re-examine your understanding of design elements and principles of organization as you apply them within a shallow 1 1/2″ box. A successful solution to this problem exhibits a strong composition, exaggerated sense of depth, and a variety of textures and materials that work together to produce a cohesive, unified whole.

Thinking Inside the Box Problem Guidelines

Remember the following ways of manipulating design elements to create the illusion (or in this case exaggerate the perception) of depth…

  • Overlap…if shape A overlaps shape B, we perceive A as being in front of B.
  • Vertical Placement…because we look for horizon lines, shapes placed near the top of the picture plane appear to be further away, and those near the bottom appear to be closer.
  • Proportion…Larger items will appear closer, and smaller items will appear further away.
  • Atmospheric Perspective…Detailed shapes and forms appear to be closer, and items with less detail appear further away.
  • Linear Perspective…Lines converging to a vanishing point imply a dramatic sense of depth.

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