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We are on to the second computer assignment in 106 — the virtual still life. For this problem, you will need to create an environment, import existing 3ds objects, and scale and arrange these objects to create a visually compelling still life. You will also need to find and/or create materials and apply them to the objects in your scene.

In addition to revisiting tools utilized in the first assignment (wire tessellation), you will learn the Select and Uniform Scale tool, as well as the Select and Rotate tool. You will also get further into materials, discovering material libraries, multi/sub-object materials, image mapping, and more. Your instructor will show you everything necessary to successfully complete this assignment. Be sure to take notes during class. If you need further reminders, some instructional material will be found here at the blog (just click on the assignment from the menu).

Successful solutions may be very simple. Pay attention to positioning, lighting, and materials. Things to ensure success:

  • No floating objects
  • No objects “sinking” into other objects
  • Shadows are on
  • Not too much light
  • Not too little light
  • Think about proportion! Don’t have a tiny still life in a great big room, and let’s see some large AND small forms/objects. (Remember, you can use the same object more than once — could repetition help your design?)
  • Think about your color choices — maybe try a specific color scheme?
  • Make sure your image maps (if used) are appropriately scaled to the object

Student examples are found here on the blog, but you don’t have to stop there. Try searching for other still life images (try Cezanne for example). What makes one still life better than another?


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